Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Zoo Boise

A few weeks ago Kyle and his sisters and I decided to make a trip to the zoo! I must say, the zoo is still a fun place to go as an adult!

A special feature they have this summer is a butterfly exhibit. Note to self: if you want to be attracted by butterflies, wear a very colorful shirt!

Tons of butterflies were landing on Katherine the whole time! It helps that she wore a very bright-colored shirt :) . It was so funny and really awesome. 

There are so many gorgeous butterflies out there! 

A big hit with our group was this sloth-bear. He was so funny to watch! He had quite the personality; I swear he was flirting with our group. 

I should also mention the sloth-bear's humble abode. His living spaces were AMAZING! I was insanely jealous. The sloth-bear comes from India. The decor all around his pit is Indian-themed. 

They had a lot of other fun animals: 
Can you spot the leopard? 

This was a personal favorite: spooning rabbits! Awww! 
Some kind of anteater rat
Beautiful zebra 
Baby prairie dogs! They were so adorable and tiny like hamsters! 

P.S. Listen to what Mumford and Sons did with this song. Totally in love!

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Krista said...

This is like a record. What like 3 posts in a row! I LOVE IT! Keep um coming girlie!