Saturday, June 9, 2012

The couch that wasn't

Everyone please cry with me right now...
Amazing orange leather couch
We saw this beauty soon after we entered a local thrift store and immediately ran toward it.
It already had a SOLD sticker on it.
:::shakes fist angrily at early-bird customer::: 

For so long we have searched for an affordable, but cute, couch for our living room. A colored one was a MAJOR plus! Like many of you, I am a Pinterest-obsessed person. All over Pinterest I have encountered the most ADORABLE couches! Yellow, red, blue. Covered in pillows. I want a colorful couch. And the Amazing Orange Leather Couch was gonna be the one...until I saw the evil SOLD sticker on it :(

Other than that, we are doing good :P 
Hope ya'll are having a nice weekend!

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Joe and Mish said...

Oh, I can so see that couch in your place. Sorry and wish I was the one that bought it. Yep, still have our piece of? Miss you guys like crazy and wish we could play some games.