Monday, March 30, 2009

I love...

Crock pots! Sometimes before church me or Kyle will throw in some ingredients, turn it on high, then come home 3 hours later to a nice-smelling meal! Yesterday we were running behind on time and just put some random stuff in. We put in steak strips, a can of tomato sauce, some spices, and a can of 3-bean salad. I wasn't sure about the can of beans (it didn't look appetizing), but the meal turned out great! Put it over some cooked rice, add some homemade biscuits, and you're in for a great dinner.

Are you sure it's almost April?

......Because I don't think Rexburg got the memo! This huge snowstorm rolled in during church on Sunday. Kyle and I were able to make it home before the snow stuck.

It looks pretty, but it sure wasn't wanted...

Poor door got pelted!

Luckily, today most of the snow has melted! It's supposed to be a bit more snowy this week. Next week it'll be sunny right in time for graduation! Yes!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Wounds of Earning Money...

Yes, I know it's been a while since I posted; don't remind me ;). Lately, there's been nothing to post about: school, work, and other unexciting stuff! Well, one exciting event is coming up in less than 3 graduation! I am very excited about graduating from BYU-I and I'm so surprised at how fast these 4 years have gone by! I've been tired of going to school for a month now, but I will be sad to leave BYU-I. It has been a great school these past 4 years.

To pick up some extra money, Kyle's been donating plasma twice a week; here at the plasma center you get PAID to donate it! I don't really want to do it (why feel sick twice a week? It's like giving blood), but Kyle loves doing it and it's an easy $70/week. He rarely has had any problems with feeling woozy and such, but the other day a new guy was trying to put the needle into his arm. To make a long story short, the new guy did a rather crappy job of trying to find a vein and ended up bruising both of Kyle's arms and making him bleed! He never ended up donating plasma that day, but he still got paid for it.

I took this after he came home from the plasma center that day. Poor Kyle...

And this was taken about a day or so after. Surprisingly, the other arm didn't bruise!