Saturday, August 18, 2012

Life lately

Seeing old friends! My old high school friend Jackie was in town from Texas and I got to meet her adorable (and feisty) daughter Athena.

My dad had his birthday! Fifty years old! We celebrated accordingly ;)

 Lately I've been obsessed with embroidery! You probably noticed if you have seen what I've been pinning on Pinterest. The sweet elephant inspiration came from a t-shirt I saw at a local kids store. So, I took a pic, drew my own design, and got to work! It's been a really fun project.

 The trailer park on the "other side of the fence" at our apartment complex had a brush fire, resulting in a smoky yard, lots of fire trucks, and a melted fence. It brought a little bit of excitement to our day, to say the least!

Recent thrift finds! I plan on painting the cameo portraits a pretty color. No, we didn't get the couch, but I thought it was kind of pretty. 

 I got a smart phone recently (woot! I'm excited!) and I have been having fun with Instagram (@kellyasb86) lately. Poor Kyle was a guinea pig while washing the car.

Today we went to the Boise Farmers Market for the first time this year! Last summer it was a weekly tradition to go. Now that we don't live in downtown anymore we haven't made it out at all.

I guess we've missed a lot. There's some sort of project called "Stay Weird Boise". And I don't know what is going on! These yarn-bombed bikes were on the lower end of the weird-scale. The market was FULL of bikers who had dressed up in crazy attire, along with their bikes.

Haha, I've only seen these guys in San Francisco. Funny to see it here, too! 

 Cool things from the market.

Down an alley way, there were SO MANY surfaces painted! I think it's part of the weird project? They were so fun to look at; there are a lot of talented artists around Boise! 

And a nice, normal picture of the Capitol building. 

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Thrifted chairs

Last Saturday the husband and I decided to check out a (HUGE) Goodwill that we'd driven past a few weeks back. I found a couple cute scrub tops for work and this lamp to satisfy my milk glass collection. I plan on sprucing it up a bit so don't be alarmed by the ugliness ;)


We also went to our trusty D.I., which never fails to impress us. Hubby just couldn't resist buying a "Village People" album (with YMCA included, of course) and a handmade wooden scroll case.
$1.00 and $0.75 dining room chairs! Our current chairs came with our antique table in a set. They were bought at a garage sale in my parent's neighborhood for $40! Not bad for a newlywed couple's wallet. However, the chairs have been super uncomfortable from day one. Legs going numb? Check. Butt super sore? Check. We've been on the hunt for a while and when we saw these chairs I swear heaven opened up and Hallelujah choruses were heard. No, not really, but you get the idea ;) But its exactly what we needed! And they're SUPER cozy! The downside: they are SUPER UGLY chairs! That makes us on the hunt for chair covers now. Anybody know a good place to get some cute (cheap) chair covers?

$15.00 each for 4 chairs

Of course a thrift trip wouldn't be complete without some hideous wall decoration:
Maybe they should have stopped at the fringe?
And no, we did not buy this hideous wall decoration.

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Monday, July 23, 2012

New baby niece

I'm an aunt for the first time! Kyle's brother and his wife had their little baby girl Josie last Saturday.
She is SO adorable! To make things even cuter, she makes little squeaky noises. Ah, I think we're in love :) This is going to be one spoiled little baby.

Baby Josie

Kyle holding the little one.

I think she was in the middle of her squeak-cry here :)

Congrats Kalvin and Kiri on your baby girl! 

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Malheur Forest

Last Friday Kyle, me, and a friend of ours decided we needed to get out of the valley and take a break (we've all been stressed with work lately). We drove up to Malheur Forest in Oregon, my first time being there. It was gorgeous! There was a forest fire there almost 10 years ago and the extreme fire damage is still there!

Breaking down camp.

(yes, we had more than 1 tent up.)

Near our campsite was this very authentic outhouse.

no, we did not try it out. ;)

This may sound silly, but the funniest thing about the trip was when we stopped at this "last chance" convenience store outside of Vale, OR. 

As we were leaving, I saw this rooster standing outside, looking intently inside where we were. So, we walk out the door towards the car and the rooster follows us to the car doors! Almost hops in! And, even when we start the car, it doesn't even spook the silly rooster. 

what's up, weirdo chicken?!
He continued staring intently at us as we drove off.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Zoo Boise

A few weeks ago Kyle and his sisters and I decided to make a trip to the zoo! I must say, the zoo is still a fun place to go as an adult!

A special feature they have this summer is a butterfly exhibit. Note to self: if you want to be attracted by butterflies, wear a very colorful shirt!

Tons of butterflies were landing on Katherine the whole time! It helps that she wore a very bright-colored shirt :) . It was so funny and really awesome. 

There are so many gorgeous butterflies out there! 

A big hit with our group was this sloth-bear. He was so funny to watch! He had quite the personality; I swear he was flirting with our group. 

I should also mention the sloth-bear's humble abode. His living spaces were AMAZING! I was insanely jealous. The sloth-bear comes from India. The decor all around his pit is Indian-themed. 

They had a lot of other fun animals: 
Can you spot the leopard? 

This was a personal favorite: spooning rabbits! Awww! 
Some kind of anteater rat
Beautiful zebra 
Baby prairie dogs! They were so adorable and tiny like hamsters! 

P.S. Listen to what Mumford and Sons did with this song. Totally in love!