Thursday, May 28, 2009

Lots of posts!

I put up, like, 5 posts this morning so be sure to check out all of them! Not much is going on with me and Kyle in Rexburg. Things are a lot more eventful when we leave town!

SO fashionable!

One of the perks of having a brother on a foreign mission is the neat gifts he sends us! Ben is serving a mission in Peru right now. It's not his original mission, but due to political unrest in Bolivia, all American missionaries had to leave and Ben was temporarily reassigned in Peru. However, things are working out and the church is letting missionaries back into Bolivia. Ben should be sent there later in the summer! He's very excited!

Anyway, Ben sent Kinsey and I some purses from Peru! We decided to model them...

In remembrance...

Monday, my family and I went to my grandpa's grave at the Idaho Veterans Cemetery. It's located in Northern Boise and it has a very beautiful view of the valley!

Family time!

Mama Bert (my grandma) is visiting my family for 3 weeks so I also got to see her over the weekend! It was sooooo good to see her!

Mama Bert came last year for our wedding and made my wedding cake, too! She is very talented! See?

My cousin Jacob is living in Rexburg, too, while going to school at BYU-I, so he drove up to see Mama Bert and the family

Lol. I walked out to my family's garage and I found the cat sitting on the 4-wheeler, like it's his ride or something!

Can't forget little Griz, my family's dog. I swear, if I could take home that dog, I would! He's the funniest dog!

Can't forget precious McKinsey!

Unfortunately, I only got pics of Kyle's family at graduation :(

2 graduates!

For Memorial Day weekend, Kyle and I drove back home for a high school graduation. Both of us had younger brothers graduating from the same school! Having to only go to 1 graduation for 2 people makes life pretty simple...or so I thought. First of all, my family and Kyle's family showed up at different times and didn't sit close to each other (the auditorium filled up quickly). That caused our first challenge: which family do we sit by? We ended up sitting with Kyle's family. The next challenge happened after graduation was over: how do we find Jason and Kalvin (Kyle's bro) in the HUGE crowd of people? It took over an hour after graduation was over to find them and take pictures with our families. Whew! I was exhausted by the end of the night. But, HAPPY GRADUATION to Jason and Kalvin!!!

Here's Jase walking to his was not hard to spot him from far away!

Yay Jason! He was sooo ready for school to be done. He said that his teachers had piled on the homework during the last semester of school. (Sad to say, but college is no different!)

Kyle with Kalvin (the graduate!) and his other younger bro, Kevin.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

I love my mom!

Happy Mother's Day to my mommy! (and all you other moms out there). My mom has been such a blessing and example in my life! She's very fun, spunky, and full of energy (no matter how many times she says she's tired in a day). The way that my mom raised me has helped me to be a better person, a better wife, and hopefully someday a better mom.

Connecticut, Spring 1989

Nampa, ID, Summer 1991

Rexburg, ID, Winter 2008

Rexburg, Fall 2008

My wedding day! Boise, ID, June 19th, 2008

Sunday, May 3, 2009

"Saturday, in the park..."

A couple of weeks ago Rexburg had some sunny and warm weather, so on one saturday Kyle and I took advantage of the nice day and went to the nature park in Rexburg. I'd never been to this particular park before, but I'd heard that they had a pond and some ducks. When we got there, the "pond" had a really low water level and we found only 2 ducks! So, we fed the couple.

We also brought some food for a picnic.

While on his mission, Kyle had a companion that introduced him to juggling, specifically the "Diablo." Here's a couple of pics of Kyle in action! He can do some really neat tricks, but hasn't been able to play with it much over the winter (too cold outside!), so he's a little out of practice. I tried uploading a video of Kyle playing with the Diablo, but it wouldn't work for some reason! Maybe next time I can get it up.