Thursday, May 28, 2009

2 graduates!

For Memorial Day weekend, Kyle and I drove back home for a high school graduation. Both of us had younger brothers graduating from the same school! Having to only go to 1 graduation for 2 people makes life pretty simple...or so I thought. First of all, my family and Kyle's family showed up at different times and didn't sit close to each other (the auditorium filled up quickly). That caused our first challenge: which family do we sit by? We ended up sitting with Kyle's family. The next challenge happened after graduation was over: how do we find Jason and Kalvin (Kyle's bro) in the HUGE crowd of people? It took over an hour after graduation was over to find them and take pictures with our families. Whew! I was exhausted by the end of the night. But, HAPPY GRADUATION to Jason and Kalvin!!!

Here's Jase walking to his was not hard to spot him from far away!

Yay Jason! He was sooo ready for school to be done. He said that his teachers had piled on the homework during the last semester of school. (Sad to say, but college is no different!)

Kyle with Kalvin (the graduate!) and his other younger bro, Kevin.

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