Thursday, June 14, 2012

Recent thrift finds

I have a small collection of wall decor piling up in my box :) 
Wall decor just makes me happy!

Several weeks ago Kyle and I hit up Idaho's largest garage sale. Overall I thought it was worth it. I didn't leave with much, except a full belly from a yummy slushy and a little serving dish/platter that I plan to hang on the wall. 
25 cents! yep, that's all. 
Later that day we decided to go to a favorite thrift store of ours, which ended up being a more successful trip than the garage sale. 
This hanging, "Bless Our Home," almost made me squeal in the middle of the DI :). I saw this sign here on a blog that I regularly read [check above the stove in the pics]. I fell in love with the sign. Lo and behold, months later I'd find it at my local thrift store! Score! 
 Framed embroidery. Now, I don't know what caused it, but I have really fallen head over heels for embroidered pictures. I'm not sure where to hang them. Do I add them to my gallery wall? Or do something different? Any suggestions? :)
$1.00 for both
Ok, now THIS is something cool I found the same day as the couch incident. It almost made up for not getting the couch! (well, almost). Embroidered antique cars! I thought of my dad as soon as I saw them. My dad grew up loving antique cars and even built up his own business around them. I think they'd be perfect in a little boy's room.
$1.75 for both! 

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Marty said...

Congrats on finding the sign you loved! I adore when that happens :)

Jess Judkins said...

I love anything embroidered :-) great finds!