Saturday, October 1, 2011

Shout Out!

Today I have to do a shout out to Bountiful Baskets! It is a company that distributes baskets of produce, and even includes breads! Baskets are distributed by volunteers and different places all over the US. After hearing about it months ago I decided to set up an account and try it myself. You never know what kind of produce you're gonna get. I guess that can be both good and bad, but I loved the idea of not knowing what to expect! My haul from my very first experience included:
6 corn
1 lb. celery
4 tomatoes
1 head iceburg lettuce
2 green bell peppers
2 red bell peppers
6 pears (one didn't make it home thanks to my hubby's hungry stomach. Haha)
4 lemons
1 lb. concord grapes
1 cantaloupe
7 small bananas
7 kiwis

Quite a lot of food for just 2 people! I was pretty pleased with what I received: some basics mixed in with a few unexpected things. I feel like it will push the monotony of my cooking. Kiwis? Does anybody have good recipes for kiwis besides fruit pizza? Also, concord grapes aren't your normal type of grape. I've never used them before! If anyone has any advice for them that would be great :)

I have a few recipes in mind. I've made lemon curd before and I loved it! I plan on doing that for the lemons. I found a good recipe for spiced pear cookies (if the pears last long enough). Anybody have recipes they'd like to share? Let me know!


Joe and Mish said...

Sounds yummy. Wish I was living next to you so I could taste your cookin'. Miss you guys.

Critchfield fam said...

Yum! What's new with you?? Miss ya! Tell Ben congrats for me :)

Chelsea Elizabeth. said...

That sounds so cool!!! MM. I love kiwi!

<3Chelsea Elizabeth