Sunday, July 17, 2011

July and Craftiness

July has been pretty busy for us! Our Fourth consisted of an overnight camping trip with Kyle's family in Cascade. It was full of swimming and of course a lot of food! Kyle was excited to try the new jumbo sized marshmallows they now have in stores. Those make for some pretty large smores!
Lately we've been having game night with some old high school friends. Everyone just brings dinner/snacks/dessert and a game or 2. Friday, we went thrifting and found a brand new Pirates of the Carribean Scene It! It's super easy compared to Trivial Pursuit though... We also have a new game, Rummikub, given to us by my friend Misha (we miss you guys!). I think we'll bring that one to the next game night!
Lately I've been a little addicted to Pinterest ;) and I love browsing through the recipes and craft ideas! I don't have pics yet of what I have made but I'll put them up as soon as I find the camera charger :P
About a month ago I went to a baby shower and made some cute bows to go on a headband
I also had fun making Misha's little girl Eliza some bows
Thanks for being my guinea pig, Liza!


Joe and Mish said...

Oh, how I want to play some games with you guys!! Eliza took her duck to the store and a lady asked her what her duck's name was. She said, "Kelly's Duck". We sure miss you! Glad you had a fun 4th and still haven't tried the gigantic marshmallows.

Alexis Kaye said...

good job! I love making bows! And I LOVE the name Liza! :)

Morgan Jordan said...

Precious bows!

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Sarah said...

You did an amazing job on these!

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