Tuesday, December 2, 2008

A much-needed break

Last week being Thanksgiving, Kyle and I got a whole week off of school! I tell ya, I was getting so burnt out from classes, I welcomed the break with open arms. Although Kyle and I are from the same hometown, it wasn't a big hassle trying to divide up the time. We'd agreed before hand that we'd eat Thanksgiving meal at my house and then spend the rest of the day with Kyle's family. All in all, things worked out great! The food was great (well duh, my mom was in charge of it!), the family was great, and the shopping on Black Friday was great (yes, I honored Black Friday). I also had my birthday the day before Thanksgiving and that was fun, too!

While driving back to Caldwell

I also got my hair cut over the break. This is how long it was before...

This is my hair now! You can't really tell that it was cut a lot, but the hairdresser took off almost 6 inches!

This pic is also from my birthday party! The cake was yummy, pound cake with strawberry puree and cool whip!

My bro Jason! It was so good to see him! He had his braces taken off a few months ago and his teeth look great!

Ah, yes...the dreaded birthday spankings. It's a tradition we have on everyone's birthday. I didn't turn very old, but my butt was numb from all the spankings! Of course, it gets worse as you grow older......

This is the family dog Griz! He is so cute and I love the stuffing out of him! This pic is so cute I had to put it in.


Critchfield fam said...

Yes, we're probably going to visit Jared's family in Utah for Christmas, but will only be there a week. I so don't look forward to the drive with Allie. If any of you guys want to travel to provo to see us, that'd be awesome. We won't go to Idaho this trip, but the next time we go out west in probably 2 years, we'll spend a couple days in Idaho. How old is Jason? When does he turn 19? Oh, Happy late birthday! Sorry I forgot.

Critchfield fam said...

We would love to come see you guys, but driving is too stressful with Allie right now and we have a lot of people to see there. Mostly his family and Casey. We'll be there the 23rd until January 2nd. If you want to drive down after Christmas one day with Jason and Makenzie too, I'm sure Jared's family would let you guys camp out in the piano room or in the basement one night. Let me know.

Char said...

Your hair is much shorter-but it is time to post some more pics! :-)