Sunday, November 2, 2008


So, Halloween came and went, and it was pretty fun this year! Kyle and I carved pumpkins (well, I carved. Kyle did some fancy stuff to his). I found a really cool pirate pattern and Kyle wanted to do John McCain and promote the elections! lol. I know, you're probably thinking, how in the world did that turn out? But, it ended up looking good!

Carving the skull and crossbones

Kyle is very into it! Look at the fancy way he's doing it; he's so talented! lol.

Whoo! Kyle's finished product. Turned out so realistic! We forgot to get a shot of the back of his pumpkin, but it had "Vote '08."

Here's mine! It turned out surprisingly great! I'm not usually a great pumpkin carver, but there were no accidents this time.

And of course, we dressed up for Halloween! There was a little Halloween Carnival on campus that we went for a little bit, but it wasn't very fun. So, we went and ate at Sonic and watched movies at home! Overall, it was fun. For Halloween, we were a Greek god and goddess.

Kyle was Zeus! Love the toga!

I was Aphrodite!

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Anonymous said...

You both are good artist. Great pumpkin jobs.