Sunday, April 5, 2009

Happy Birthday, Kyle!

Kyle turns 23 years old today! Wow, I can't believe how old he his! Lol. For lunch we made homemade burgers, his favorite.

They turned out really yummy!

I went out last night to the Cocoa Bean, a little shop that sells hot chocolate with different flavors and gourmet cupcakes. Going there is always a treat, and I decided to get a cupcake for Kyle's birthday: Cherry Chocolate Cheesecake! It looked so good, I almost ate it for myself on the way home!

Doesn't it look great? They use the best kind of frosting on all their cupcakes: butter cream icing! Plus, one cupcake feeds 2! So, I also got to enjoy the savory chocolate.

Also, if ya'll are reading my posts and want to keep hearing from me, then you better start commenting on them! :)


Chelsea said...

Happy birthday, Kyle! 23. Man, you ARE old. :) i love cupcakes. serious cupcake weakness, actually. for some reason, they're so much better than cake.

Anonymous said...

Dito on your last comment Kelly. : )

Happy Birthday Kyle. That is right. You are now the only family member on the Smith side (under Grandpa Smith) that has a birthday in April besides me. I am no longer a loner.

Anonymous said...

And Happy Graduation Kelly - that is great.