Thursday, October 2, 2008

Long time no blog!

It's been a while since the last post, and plenty has happened, so I thought I'd fill with what's happened!

About a month ago, before school started, we decided to go play mini-golf! There's this activity place in Rigby that also has go-karts and a corn-maze in the fall. It's kinda like a mini-Boondocks. VERY mini. It was a little windy (go figure), but the wind didn't hinder the game too much!

As you can tell, Kyle takes golf VERY seriously. Seriously. lol

I, on the other hand, have no idea what I'm doing and just aim the ball for the hole!

I actually didn't play too badly!

My ball always fell in this little pond, though. Kyle had to fetch the ball a lot. :) He's so nice!

But, at the very end, it was I who had the best score! Can you believe it? As you can see in the above pic. Kyle didn't take it very well. lol jk!

And that concludes the little fun outing we had!

School also started the eight of September, so Kyle and I have been pretty busy with all that junk! That, and jobs. I'm wanting to graduate next April so I'm taking a full load this semester to graduate in time! 17 credits has been kicking my butt so far, too! I also have a little job on campus as a TA for one of the teachers. It's my second TA job and I really enjoy it. TAing is fun, but I don't ever think I could be a teacher! Kyle has been taking 14 credits so that he can work more since I'm not working a lot. He works at a Paralegal call center where people in debt call in for help and Kyle tries to sell debt-consultation, or something like that! He really likes it and has been doing really well in sells! He really loves his classes, too! His favorite classes are Old Testament and his humanities class. Fun fun! I don't really have a favorite class, but there are classes I enjoy more than others because of the teacher and the class! That's been our semester so far! We also can't wait for Halloween and have cool costumes lined up!


Anonymous said...

Yahoo, you are alive and kicking. You have been really to busy to type in even a "HI" (just giving you a bad time)

Glad all is going well and hope you guys have fun.

The Texas Two said...

Hooray for school! (blaa) I'm glad you guys are doing good...I'm so proud of you for beating Kyle at mini-golf! (wiping away a tear) You showed him how it's done.