Monday, August 4, 2008

Highlights of summer time!

I haven't done a lot with the blog for a while because it started out really busy, then it all reversed to nothing-to-do. Now, there's really not a lot to report, so I'd thought I'd give the highlights of the summer. Of course, the biggest one was Kyle and I getting married (yay!). It was such a busy day: get up, go to hairdresser, run home, run to the temple, get married, pictures at the temple, more pictures at the park, come home, run out to get reception supplies, run home, get ready for reception, do the reception, then leave! It felt like I had no time to breath! But, everything went well. It was the best day of my life. The pictures turned out awesome, too! Charlotte, the photographer, did a great job! (Her link to her blog is on the right column, “CharSee Photography.”)

Another big event was my younger brother Ben leaving on his mission. He got called to the Bolivia Santa Cruz mission! He left about a week after the wedding. Oh gosh, it was really sad to see him go, but he was just so excited to leave! You can't help but feel excited for him. He was in the Provo MTC for 3 weeks and recently flew down to the Peru MTC for 6 weeks to learn Spanish. (If anyone wants Ben's address, just let me know!)

During a week in July, Kyle’s family had their huge family reunion. I swear, there was about 200 people coming in and out! There’s even a family tree. We had to wear name tags, too. Cute. On one of the reunion days we drove up to Banks and went white water rafting on the Payette river! It was so much fun! Kyle’s 70-something grandmother went too! It was really cute watching her paddling and riding the waves. I don’t have pictures from the rafting trip yet, but I will post them as soon as I get them. I’ve only seen a few, but they look really good!

Kyle's cousin Adam had the cutest baby! Her name's Adelyn; Kyle really liked stealing her away from the other cousins :) I guess that's a good sign; it gives him practice for the future ;)

Here's a glimpse of the "family tree." It was a HUGE mural.

Lastly, our most recent news is finding an apartment in Rexburg! We’ve been looking at this place for about 2 months, but it’s now available and we plan to move in on the 11th! We’re both really excited about this place; it’s a 2 bedroom basement apt., just 2 blocks from campus, a block from the park, and not even a 5 minute walk to the church building! It’s really perfect for us.


Andrea said...

I love hearing about your summer! That sounds really awesome about the reunion, although I can't really imagine 200 people all from one family! Sheesh!
That apartment really does sound perfect for you! That's amazing how close it is to everything.
I'm excited that you two are blogging, I'll be sure to check back often for updates.

Chelsea said...

you have a blog and didn't tell me! i found it by looking at my site stats. anyway, i LOVE the picture you have at the top.

we hope to get up to rexburg sometime in september to take alicia fishing. if you're around maybe we could come say howdy!

Collin & Tiffany said...

I found you!! How are you? The pictures tell me that you are wonderful!! I hope you are having fun in Rexburg with your hubby!!

Critchfield fam said...

I LOVE the wedding pics! You were a gorgeous bride! I wish we could see you guys this thanksgiving :(