Sunday, July 29, 2012

Thrifted chairs

Last Saturday the husband and I decided to check out a (HUGE) Goodwill that we'd driven past a few weeks back. I found a couple cute scrub tops for work and this lamp to satisfy my milk glass collection. I plan on sprucing it up a bit so don't be alarmed by the ugliness ;)


We also went to our trusty D.I., which never fails to impress us. Hubby just couldn't resist buying a "Village People" album (with YMCA included, of course) and a handmade wooden scroll case.
$1.00 and $0.75 dining room chairs! Our current chairs came with our antique table in a set. They were bought at a garage sale in my parent's neighborhood for $40! Not bad for a newlywed couple's wallet. However, the chairs have been super uncomfortable from day one. Legs going numb? Check. Butt super sore? Check. We've been on the hunt for a while and when we saw these chairs I swear heaven opened up and Hallelujah choruses were heard. No, not really, but you get the idea ;) But its exactly what we needed! And they're SUPER cozy! The downside: they are SUPER UGLY chairs! That makes us on the hunt for chair covers now. Anybody know a good place to get some cute (cheap) chair covers?

$15.00 each for 4 chairs

Of course a thrift trip wouldn't be complete without some hideous wall decoration:
Maybe they should have stopped at the fringe?
And no, we did not buy this hideous wall decoration.

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Miss Tweedle said...

Cute finds, Kelly. I love that lamp! Thanks for visiting Miss Tweedle!

Emily said...

That lamp is really pretty!! I have had a lot of trouble finding decent lamps at thrift stores. Sigh.