Wednesday, July 8, 2009

An update...

So, this summer hasn't been that eventful so far, but we've had some fun trips home to Caldwell and to the park. Because of our dear economy (and living in Rexburg), I haven't been able to find a job. A couple of weeks ago, a guy in our ward mentioned that he had lost his job and was working for the temp. service while searching for a new job. "Well, why didn't we think of that a long time ago!" Kyle and I were thinking. The temp. service can also be used to find long-term and permanent jobs. So, this past week I got all signed up and interviewed and am now enduring the "waiting game" -- waiting for them to call and give me an assignment! Of course, it's kind of nerve wracking to go work at a random place, but at least it's work. My goal is to have something permanent before the summer is over!

As you can probably tell, I've had more spare time than I can handle. After I graduated, I was driving myself nuts with boredom and job searching! Thankfully, I have found some nice things to do. I've been going to the public library about once a week to get some books. Unfortunately, a lot of people have the same idea, so most of the books I want to read are always checked out. Also, the nature park in northern Rexburg is such a nice place to go to, and not a lot of the students go there. They have a huge pond with ducks, so we always bring bread to feed the ducks! Hey, it's a kid thing, but there will always be a little kid inside an adult! Haha! The park is right by the Rexburg airport, which is actually pretty entertaining. It's fun to watch the planes and helicopters come and go. Kyle and I want to try camping a couple of times before the summer is over. We don't have a lot of camping stuff, so we'd have to rent from BYU-I's ORC (outdoor rec. center). Not being Eastern Idahoans, we also don't know good places to camp. Anyone have any good locations? I heard that Island Park was a good place...

Recently I organized my pictures on my computer. Holy crap, I have a ton of pictures from over the years! I've always wanted to try photo shop and, after surfing around the Internet for a while, found a site that I can use for free (there is a Premium version available for about $25/year, but I'll stick to the free basics!). The website is, and I recommend it if anyone is looking for some basic photo shopping! I did a couple of experiments, too. I tried first on my wedding photos, since they're the prettiest in my opinion, but found that they didn't need photo shop done to them at all! They're just pretty as they are. So, I did a couple of other random photos.

This pic I took last month when Kinsey, Mama Bert, and I went and got ice cream. I basically just enhanced the photo's colors to make the ice cream experience more "fun." Plus, it's a cute picture of Kinsey! Haha.

I added some simple words to this photo!

Kinsey and I modeling the purses that Ben sent from Peru. I made it so that the purses were the focal point of the pic.

I looove this pic of Ben! This is his area in Peru: the dirty hills.

This is from our honeymoon. Kyle wanted a picture with this hippy fortune teller. Since it's hard to tell why this picture was taken, I fixed it so that the hippy fortune teller guy was the focal point. I also love this pic because Kyle looks nervous getting his pic. with this guy! Haha. He had no reason to be nervous!

Well, that's all for the update! Maybe I'll be better with posting on this blog in the future.


Anonymous said...

FYI, but I am sure you already know, if you call the temp place every morning they will know that you are serious about finding a job. If you don't call, you will be put on the bottom of their call list.

It was great seeing you last week. Have a great one and I will also try that freebie photo site. Looks great.

Jenni said...

I LOVE the picture of you and Kyle that you wrote on!! That is so sweet, kel! I'm glad you're finding fun things to do. You're so creative. We should go out or something before MIchael and I move!

Kenna Christensen said...

i love your blog. so, so, SO darling :)